Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fast & Slow

I was looking through my sketchbooks the other day checking out the way I respond to situations.

House at Mackerel Cove 8x10 pen & watercolor 
Outdoors I am racing, zip, zip, zip getting it down before the light, tide, wind... changes.

Pears & Glass 8x12 watercolor
Indoors doing a still life with fixed light, no moving objects, a stable temperature.... all is calm.  I still paint fast...its instinct.  But you can tell its indoors by the way the painting looks....all is calm.  


 The Nubble is a great place to paint surf. 

 Waves I , 6x6 watercolor 
You can drive up, park and set up in minutes! I did a bunch of sketches in watercolor  before I painted a couple of oils.
Waves II 4x6 watercolor
Pink in the waves? Heck, I thought I was reaching for a violet...
Waves III 3 x6 watercolor
...never know what you'll end up with when you are moving fast...

Monday, July 4, 2011

Little Art Lovers

I was painting cultivated water lilies today in Boothbay at  Coastal Maine Botanical Garden  ...a lovely large garden with many visitors.   Two little red haired girls spotted me painting in a tucked away corner and were dying to talk to me...their mom was holding them at bay.  

Loren, Sadie, Tatum & Rebecca...  two sets of sisters...
I told them to come over. Rebecca is the artist, she likes to paint... 

Her mom took one look at my setup, told me Rebecca was eyeing my gear  and will want her to buy a big easel like mine... very smart girl... its my favorite set up!