Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lobster Boat And Fish Shacks

 I'm looking through all my sketch books and using them as the starting point for paintings...  trying out some new approaches to handling oil paint.  I'm in this place where I like sketches more than "finished" paintings... will this lead to "looser" paintings ? Which of course require more thought...We will see where this goes...

Looking west across the cove in Cape Porpoise you can see a street with these old fish shacks. I parked my car on the edge of the clam flats, sat down on the rocks, opened my sketch book and did a bunch of quick sketches. 

6x8  Cool Gray marker & watercolor on Aquarelle 90 lb 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Schoodic Point Granite

  Oils were the first thing I took outdoors when I headed out to paint.  I've painted with acrylics, pastels, colored pencils, watercolor pencils...and just about anything else that crosses my path. 
One thing I discovered was that after understanding the properties/limits of the behavior of a medium it isn't difficult to work with it.  

With watercolor I find I can get it to look like something if I don't get in my own way, don't ever try to correct anything, think a bit before I put that color down, commit to it, do it and just leave it be.  If I don't like it -I just do another one .  Its only a piece of paper.  

Hey, I know what I'm talking about I've sculpted marble and granite, that's another story...

Schoodic Point , 8x8 watercolor on Rives BFK

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Big Wave, Ogunquit

This is the time of the year is when we often get a good amount of storms.  I am delighted by them, place myself on the edge of the granite bluffs and get to work sketching and painting!  I'm in my element.  Would you believe long before I painted in plein air I would choose storms as the perfect time to go for a walk?  Once when my sister and I were walking in a blizzard on York Beach (in runs in the family) a car slowed down to stare at us in disbelief... we were covered head to toe in white flakes !  It was great to go  home to hot tea!    

And who helps me with my storm/surf watch?  Why its those guys in those dry suits....
who are out there just like I am....BIG WAVE WATCHERS...


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Remember Summer and...a 1934 Burgundy Ford

It was in part shade, part sun ...

A quiet corner of the big event...

What a personality! And I could park myself in the deep shade where it was a bit cooler... 

....to sketch and paint this little beauty...imagine on a day like today, almost winter... I was looking for a cool spot !  Nice thought isn't it ?!